Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Showing up well in natural (organic) search results is very popular with our clients because they drive roughly 3-10 times more traffic than ads and are extremely cost-effective.

A search engine has a number of criteria it uses to rank websites based on a search, and SEO is the art of making your website match those criteria better than your competitors, thus beating them in the rankings.



SEO Audit

A complete SEO audit is done on your site to identify technical issues, penalties, design problems and keyword weaknesses.

Keyword Research

Your website can only show up organically in response to search terms visitors type in. We identify the terms your target market is likely to use, as well as phrases that your competition is targeting. Keyword research is often done at the same time as the SEO Audit.

On-Site SEO

The necessary changes to your site’s technical specifications and content are made. This can be time-consuming but pays for itself many times over. We also offer training for your staff on how to write content that attracts search engines.

Link Building

Anyone can write anything on their own site, including spammers and scammers. Search engines rely on links from other sites to yours to help verify that you are legitimate, respected, and popular. Without these links, you will not rank well in a search. We comb the web looking for reputable sites that are willing to link to you. This is typically an ongoing or repeating process, as old sites disappear and new sites emerge.

Localization (if needed)

Many sites only target a local area in one language, and that’s ok. But other sites want to attract customers from all over the world and broaden their reach by targeting more than one language or country. We can either translate your whole site or create a few high-performing localized pages that do a good job without a lot of extra cost and complexity.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly SEO reports that show your current search engine rankings, outline SEO and Link Building work done and identify any areas that need attention. These can be at a birds-eye strategic view, or extremely detailed, depending on what you need.