Social Responsibility

Fair Trade and Local Economy

Where possible and available, we commit to the following Local Economy Support and Fair Trade Practices:

When the option is available and legal, we will choose to support the following in order:

  1. Local Economy for each MII office – Hire local, shop local, buy local when possible.
  2. Fair Trade goods and services
  3. Goods and Services from companies that have excellent social responsibility records.
  4. Other

Pro Bono Work

McAnerin International Inc. supports the concept of Pro Bono, which is a legal term meaning “for the good”. It stems from a promise Ian McAnerin (our founder and CEO) made to himself while in law school. He promised that when he graduated, he would devote himself to best practices, and set aside no less than 10% of his time to using his skills and training to provide help to those who need it most.

Although he never went on to practice law, Mr. McAnerin did graduate and has kept his promise to himself – 10% of the billable hours of MII are available for free to charity work. Some non-profits we have supported in this way include:

  • Northern Hills Community Association
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation
  • Street Legal project
  • Nina Nath Foundation
  • The Canadian Lung Association
  • Alberta Sleep Apnea Association

Equal Opportunity Employer

In the first draft of this document, mentioning being an equal opportunity employer was overlooked because it honestly never occurred to the writers that people still judge others (and deny them opportunities) today based on things like ethnicity, religion, gender, orientation, disability or country of origin. Once we were reminded that this, sadly, still happens, we decided to officially state that we don’t, and won’t do these things, nor will we support organizations (including clients) that do.

We’d also like to officially state that we want to live in a world where no one even thinks about needing to state that they hire and promote on nothing other than performance, availability, teamwork and potential. It should simply be the way things are, in business and in life.