Corporate Philosophy


Φ Vision

“Universal Communication and Understanding”

Φ Mission

“Leverage internet technology to provide people with the ability to communicate with and understand each other, regardless of language, culture or location.”

Φ Values

“Be the Source of Best Practices.”

  • Don’t follow the standards, set them. “Industry Standard” is the minimum acceptable level, not the goal.
  • Different opinions make us challenge our assumptions. Challenging our assumptions is how we improve. Be inclusive – it’s not only fair, it makes everyone better.
  • Ethics are your relationship with the world around you. We will obey the laws and regulations of the markets we are in, respect the guidelines and culture of our clients and act responsibly in all we do.
  • Morals are your internal compass. We will be fair, honest, and trustworthy; and we will act that way bravely and without hesitation.
  • Working together is the core of our company. Teamwork, communication and leadership are critical to success in all we do.