SEO Copywriting

It’s easy to stuff keywords into text – but that makes it very difficult to convert your visitors into customers. Further, tactics that some other SEO’s use such as KWD (keyword density) are not effective. KWD is not used, and has never been used by any major modern search engine. They use a completely different method. Oh, stuffing in more keywords can help, but doing so in accordance with KWD theory can harm your site more than it helps it. Let real search science be the background for your keyword strategy. Real knowledge leads to real results.

Of course, once you have the keywords to bring the qualified visitors in, you need them to actually convert to customers! This site is written in a manner intended to appeal to technically minded decision makers, but we can also write in order to appeal to youth, technophobes, specific gender or age groups, various cultures, or almost any other marketing demographic you may require for your site. One size does not fit all.