Link Building

Modern link building is far more than sitting down and sending off thousands of emails begging for links, like in the old days of SEO.

Today, link building consists of carefully choosing topic hubs and authority sites, as well as organic, creative and guerrilla marketing tactics that encourage people to link to your site in a natural and effective manner, sending both link weight and natural traffic to your website.

At McAnerin International, we focus on quality over quantity, and carefully chosen, safe and effective methods over the “trick of the day”. By identifying the traffic vectors from your preferred targeted customer base, we help you not only get traffic and rankings, but the real goal: customers!

Link Building Packages

Link Building Level 1

2 Press releases, plus 30 directories – $1500

The press releases will be SEO optimized copy, have embedded anchor text and be distributed to Google news, Yahoo News + many other new sources, including Excite and NBC. The press releases also include an RSS feed and full statistics.

All links are to high quality, non-spam, on-topic sites with appropriate anchor text. We automatically vary the anchor text for you, and get deep links when appropriate.

We find that this combination of paid directories and press releases quickly generates a very good number of natural links and traffic for the least effort and cost.

Link Building Level 2

Ongoing Link Building – $1000/month

This package includes a range of link building techniques intended to capture the widest variety of high quality links possible. Link building tactics rotate using various techniques, and include:

  • Press Releases
  • Directories
  • Reciprocal Link Campaigns
  • Blog and forum entries (NOT comment spam or link dropping – actual, on-topic, “buzz building”)
  • Contests
  • Article Publishing
  • Paid Text Links
  • Sponsored Content
  • Phone based link requests (NOT telemarketing – phoning up receptive webmasters and asking for a link)
  • Competition Equalization (Getting links from the same places your competition does)
  • And many other methods, all legitimate and best practice.

The exact techniques used will vary depending on your website and services, the current search engine climate, newsworthy events, and client preferences.

Search engines are beginning to add chronological information to their ranking systems: the assumption is that older links show stability, and newer links show freshness and relevance. Sites with only old links (even if they have a lot of them) may be out of date, and sites with only new links may be purchasing off-topic ones or spamming. Additionally, it looks very artificial for a site to get a bunch of links all at once, then stop.

The best method is to constantly build links from multiple sources – providing a combination of older links showing authority, and newer links showing relevance. This service does this for you.