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Search Engine Watch Forums 
SEW Forums is an outstanding neutral meeting place for search marketers of all stripes, tactics and hat colors. The de facto central source of information on search specific news and information. Ian McAnerin is the “Search and Legal Issues Moderator”.

SEO Blog

McAnerin’s Muse
Ian McAnerin’s Personal blog. Filled with rants, tests, opinions, announcements and other bits and bobs of information that struck his fancy at the time.
Danny Sullivan’s blog. Excellent quality and some of the best editors in the SEM field contribute.
Multilingual Search
A blog/site about multilingual and international SEO, which is a special interest of mine. A good friend (and fellow SMA President – EU) Andy Atkins-Kruger, is the managing editor. Three other friends – David Temple (China), AussieWebmaster (Oceania) and Nacho Nacho Hernandez (Hispanic) are also editors.
The SEOmoz blog is run by the blogmeister Rand Fishkin (randfish), he of the yellow shoes.
Yahoo Search Blog
The official Yahoo search blog – good place to get information on upcoming events and news on the latest technologies. A related blog is the personal blog of Jeremy Zawodny.
Official Google Blog
Google has several blogs (to their credit – communication is good), but this one is the main one. Other useful blogs they have you may find interesting include: AdWords Blog, Google Code, and Matt Cutts own personal blog, among several others.
Official MSN Blog
It’s easy to look at anything from Microsoft as big and impersonal, but the folks here do a fair job at putting a human face on some cool technology. It’s still a bit heavy on the announcements rather than the people and technology, but it’s a great read.
Official Ask Blog
This is a great blog – combines personality and human stories with technology and announcements quite well. Plus, I like underdogs.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting
My friend Karon is a great copywriter and I recommend her without hesitation. She also owns the Learn Copywriting Directory , which has a lot of resources for those who are trying to learn SEO copywriting.

SEO News

Search Engine Watch
The gold standard for search news started by industry icon Danny Sullivan.
A “Digg”-like resource for the SEM industry.
Search Engine Roundtable
Excellent coverage of search related events (such as the SES Conferences) from my friend Barry Schwartz – the next best thing to being there!
Search Engine Guide
A good all around SEO resource site, with contributions from many people in the industry I like and respect.