Search Engine Optimization Resources

SEO Tools
Technically, you can do SEO with a text only browser and notepad. However, some types of automation help eliminate human error, and speed up the SEO process. This is a list of tools and websites that can help you do SEO related tasks. Never trust a computer to actually do SEO for you, but it’s OK to have the computer perform certain repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.
SEM Training
Have no clue? Too broke to hire MNI, or determined to do it yourself? No problem. This is a list of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) sites that offer information on learning all about SEM and SEO, including forums, training sites, news sites, blogs and so forth. We use all of these frequently ourselves, as the information in this industry changes so quickly that we need to spend several hours per day on average just keeping up with it.
SEO Articles
Articles for people interested in learning more about how to do SEO, from a practice and business standpoint.
SEO Related Technologies
Articles about technology and other aspects of web that SEO’s have know about in order to do their jobs properly. Articles include information on domains, DNS servers, bogon filters, redirection and many other things that are not technically SEO yet are critical for a professional SEO to know.
SEO Dictionary, Glossary, Terms and FAQ
What’s ROI? PPC? Have no idea what your SEO is talking about when they say things like KEI or term vector analysis? Well, hopefully this will help.
Search Engine Experiments
No animals were harmed during these tests. MNI constantly tests search engines, mainly because the search engines constantly change their algorithms and don’t bother to tell anyone what the new rules are. Plus, although we are not above making heartfelt pleas to the powers-that-be and sacrificing binary codes in dark rituals if that’s what it takes to rank well, we’d much rather just understand how the search engines work and then apply our talents to using that knowledge on our clients behalf.
Legal Help For SEO’s
Need an SEO contract? Not sure if you should incorporate your SEO business? Wondering how to serve a DMCA on a copyright infringing scoundrel? You’ve come to the right place!
Search Engine News
Did you hear what Google announced last week? No? You might want to find out! This is a list of some great news feeds and links related to the SEO industry.