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Search Engine Public Relations and Press Releases

Search engines are influencing more and more of the news we get today. From reporters who research stories using search engines and who get news ideas from RSS feeds, to bloggers who highlight and discuss interesting stories long before the traditional media picks them up, to website owners hungry for fresh, relevant content for their readers, web based press release and public relations services are being used more and more often by leading edge, media-savvy organizations.

Because a major method of disseminating news on the web is through search engines, a company like McAnerin International that is skilled in search engine optimization will be more capable of getting your information in front of the people who are interested in it.

When a press release works, it can work wonders for your business.

When it fails, the failure can be public and embarrassing.

Unlike many SEO firms who have jumped on the “SEO Press Release” bandwagon, McAnerin International¬†actually has people with a background in traditional journalism, and can help you create a press release that appeals not only to the algorithms of search engines, but to the professional and human instincts of the desired audience – journalists and bloggers who use those releases as a basis for stories.

MYTH: Many people think that just by putting out a press release, you can get lots of free links to your website. Yay! Tons of links and traffic for no work!

Not True. A large number of press releases go into the system and just disappear, because they are not written properly, did not appeal to the audience, or for some other reason.

A press release is not something you just “throw out there to see what happens”. Like all aspects of your business and public image, it should be treated seriously and professionally.

Putting out an optimized press release online, and/or using search engines for public relations, has the following effects:

  • It helps “build a buzz” – people begin to recognize your name or service.
  • Many websites subscribe to PR services and automatically display press releases based on the content. These tend to have lower authority and rank, but there are a lot of them. Press releases displayed on these sites tend to be short lived, but they help.
  • If your story is interesting, bloggers and journalists will either display the release as a news item, or better yet, write an article about it. These tend to be long lived and from more authoritative websites.
  • It provides more opportunities for your company to be found, either by visitors browsing articles or searching the web.

SEO Press Release Service and Pricing

To a degree, with press releases it’s very much a “you get what you pay for” type of process. Although MNI can submit a press release for you using free PR services (thus only costing you our time), the response rate is fairly low. As you can imagine, press releases at this level tend towards the “spam” rather than “news” and journalists and bloggers know it. Even paying as little as $10 can get you significantly better results than the free services.

On the flip side, throwing money at your press release service isn’t always a smart move, either. For example, statistics show that paying $180 is far better then paying $150, but you don’t get much of an extra benefit if you pay $200, for example. This is due to the tiered system PR services use and the distribution networks and additional options you have at each tier.

Fortunately, we’ve done the homework for you. The following is a list of the best price/performance points we can offer you (prices include MNI service cost):

Tier 1 – $110
We check your release and submit it at the lowest practical tier. You get basic distribution plus a limited RSS feed, you show up on basic news searches, and you get statistics to show how it’s performing. . These are text only, so you do not get embedded anchor text within the page. It’s good for getting the word out, but will not usually give you links and anchor text back. If you are not sure if a press release would help you, this is a good way to test the waters and do a practice run, for example.
Tier 2 – $200
This level gives you a much wider distribution, including the paid news feeds in Yahoo, Google and many news sites like NBC and Excite. The visibility at this level is much higher, and statistics show a substantial increase in views of press releases. Additionally you can attach up to 3 MB of files (documents, images, sound clips) and a thumbnail is available where appropriate. The only drawback to this level is that you still don’t get to embed anchor text within the text.
Tier 3 – $350
Our most popular press release product! This level offers all the benefits of Tier 2, but also adds the ability to embed anchor text within the release itself, creating automatic links with your chosen keywords in them. This is an excellent way to build backlinks, as well as providing a user friendly method of letting interested readers visit your website with a click. This level also assures that your release has a 5 Star Rating within the PRWeb system!
Tier 4 – $500
This level maximizes the traffic and views your release can get. Although you can go to higher price ranges (up to $1000 or more), we have determined that this level gives you the most traffic for the least cost. Paying more than this usually puts you into a series of diminishing returns and we don’t normally recommend exceeding this unless you have special needs, such as translation into multiple languages, or personal distribution to certain magazines or journalists, or distribution to specific countries.

Custom solutions are available! If you are proficient in writing releases and don’t need our help with the keyword research and so forth, we can help expedite and automate the process for you. We can also offer translation services, geolocation targeting, and many other options.