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McAnerin International specializes in international search marketing (SEM) - if you use the web to connect to people and companies in another country, we are the ones you want to talk to!

Search marketing refers to the use of paid services such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), banner advertising, and other instant response web marketing. If you are looking for help with your natural (organic) rankings, check out our international SEO page.

SEM Translation and Localization

There is a lot more to translating a website than simply translating from one language to another - you need to translate from one culture to another (localization). Think about the differences between the English spoken in the UK and in the USA, for example:

Toss the rubbish in the dustbin Throw the garbage in the trash can
Football Soccer
Car Hire Taxi
Holiday Vacation
Optimisation Optimization

There are differences just as pronounced, and more so, in French, Chinese, Spanish and almost every other major language. In addition, you have cultural assumptions and knowledge, such as references to sports, pop culture, politics, and many other country specific references.

Further, there are issues like the fact that no one likes to be referred to as "foreign", many countries are very sensitive to political signals like flags, and that for a website owner trying to sell things to other countries, it's natural to talk about "exporting", but the people looking for your websites are probably interested in "importing"!

All of these things not only affect the keywords people use to search for your website, but also how they view your website once they get there. On the web, you have a very short period of time (about 3 seconds for the home page, 8 for inner pages) to make a good first impression. You don't want to alienate your potential visitors with a shoddy translation.

Multilingual Keyword Research

One sub-topic of SEO translation is keyword research. You can't just translate one word into another using a dictionary. For example, "search engine optimization" in French is "Référencement", not the literal translation of "optimisation de Search Engine", which would make you look foolish, and no one is looking for in searches anyway. In Chinese, what an English speaker would call "cold water" to drink, would be called "open water".

International SEM Translation  and Localization Services and Prices

Keyword research: $5 per word (discounts for large quantities).

PPC: We know which search engines and web properties are the most popular, and which ones to avoid. Contact us to have our local experts guide you through the PPC maze.

If you are interested in just localization (i.e. US English to UK English) then contact us for details - we can help you!

SEM / PPC Languages

Arabic عربي
German Deutsch
English English
Spanish Español
French Français
Italian Italiano
Portuguese Português
Russian Руccкий
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
Simplified Chinese (People's Republic of China - Mainland China) 中文(简体 )
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, most other Chinese Communities) 中文(繁体 )


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